1st German 24h Hydrogen Challenge - Hydrogen drives our future

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Timeline 1st German Hydrogen Challenge

Points 1st German Hydrogen Challenge

Rules 1st German Hydrogen Challenge

Classic Challenge

Points For App
1 Each driven kilometer Other
50 Visiting / refueling of HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Station) Charge Stop
50 Each country visited Border Crossing
x Each visited Landmark Landmark
1.500 Catch the Fox Special Occassion
-1.500 If the Fox Catches You first! -


Creative Challenge

Points For App
25 Picture of each different driving red 'Vos Transport' truck you snap Special Occassion
250 Picture of a public official IN your FCEV Special Occassion
250 - 1.500 Best Photo: Picture of Where No FCEV Has Gone Before Special Occassion
250 - 1.500 Best Blog: Write a small story or anekdote of your team travels Special Occassion
500 - 1.500 Best Video: Post a small video  Special Occassion


You lose points...

Points  For Measured how
 -/- 100*x2 Reusing a previously visited HRS (1 time = -100, 2 times = -400, 3 times = -900)  App
-/- 1.000 No Challenge sticker on vehicle @start and @finish
 -/- 1.000 Forgot to buy a small present for another team? @finish
-/- 1.500 If the Fox catches you first App
-/- 1.000 Arriving at the finish before 16:00 App
-/- 500 Ariving at the finish between 16:30 and 16:45 App
-/- 500*t Every minute you arrive later than 17:00 will cost you 500 points App